Resources to support trainers

Added to the right hand side of the screen are links to some of the resources I have found useful during my years of designing and developing e-learning. They were useful when I first started in this area of training and have continued to be useful. I have found it invaluable to have a set of key resources I can refer to for ideas and just to remember some of the things I had learnt previously. Do you have resources you have come to rely on? Bronte


Innovative technologies for training

The South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission sponsored a conference on January 29, 2010 – Innovative Technologies for Training. The conference highlighted four innovative technologies, with presentations provided by Adelaide-based experts:

  • Amanda Hassett, from Top Dingo, demonstrated the use of the application, Second Life, to create online simulations. View Amanda’s presentation, Second Life for Educators
  • Jerry Leeson, from, talked about benefits that can be gained by using social networking applications to support learning. An example of this type of application is FusED, which can be used for collaboration behind an organisation’s firewalls. View Jerry’s presentation.
  • Michael Coghlan demonstrated the use of web conferencing technology to simultaneously deliver training presentations to students in different geographical locations, creating a virtual classroom. View Michael’s presentation
  • Leo Gaggl, of, presented information about the many types of mobile devices that are used to develop, deliver and assess training. Of particular interest to the participants was a video camera built into sunglasses. View Leo’s presentation.

The greatest challenge, and the greatest opportunity, is to re-think classroom delivery and the type of learning opportunities that these technologies can provide. It gives trainers the opportunity to shift learning out to the student and to enable students to learn in a way that works best for them, rather than what best suits us or others in a group. This blog provides an opporutunity for trainers in fire and emergency services to share and discuss how to turn these ideas into action.


Technology for training resources